Duncan Cook

After completion of Laughter Leader Training in 2005 with Dr. Madan Kataria in Toronto, Duncan began facilitating laughter yoga sessions in Guelph, Ontario. A core group of participants gather frequently to enjoy the benefits that come with unconditional laughter.

In 2006, Duncan enrolled in further training with Dr. Kataria, going on to enter a five day intensive, receiving certification as Laughter Leader teacher and following up with an updated five day course in Chicago in 2010.

Duncan began presenting certification courses and workshops in 2009 and has collaborated with others to bring Laughter Yoga to communities throughout Ontario.

contact Duncan: duncan_ca@hotmail.com


Sue Craig

Received Laughter Yoga certification with Dr. Kataria in 2006. Sue is partner in marriage to Duncan, and brings an added dynamic to the courses and workshops in which she co-facilitates.

Trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner level - Sue maintains a client based practice using the skills and techniques of NLP.

Sue also develops and presents workshops and courses in NLP processes.

contact Sue: su.craig@yahoo.ca

website: http://developinghorizons.ca/



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